Keep getting links to dead pages


I keep running across links that take me to the site
READ THE DOCS asking for a log in and sayong permission denied which asks for a log in ???

example is which goes to



Hi @pteg

I’m sorry that came across incorrect links. We had a major documentation restructuring recently to improve the user experience and ease of getting up and running with FlytOS. This would have resulted in some dead links. Although we are trying our best to correct the links wherever possible, sometimes in old forum posts, you may get to see incorrect links. You ca notify us if you see such links and we will direct you to the current page. The link you posted here has now shifted to :



…very next page does the same… page title 'More SampleAapps’ are all broken links as well




Sorry for the inconvenience, I have fixed the links now. You can visit the More Sample Apps again to see the updated links.



thanks zubin… still more…see bold text below…


mid page … (no hyper link behind LINK )

#4. Make sure that FlytOS is running. In your browser open < FlytPOD’s IP address >:9090/flytsonar

You would see the GUI now. Enjoy!
To install the flytSonar app to your FlytOS sd card follow these instrucitons.

i. download the source from <link> (no hyperlink behind LINK )
ii. Copy the source code to /flyt/flytapps/web/ . You will need to perform this operation as ‘sudo’ user.
iii. edit file to add an entry to access the app through onboard server.
iv. Restart FlytOS.



Hey @pteg

As I replied in the other post, I am looking into the issue. Actually the App was developed by an intern last year, and the documentation was outdated. This is why we haven’t included the app with FlytOS yet. Btw, I did successfully get the app working on my system after a bit of tweaking, and I will update the github readme tomorrow. Will also push the fixed app and notify you after I do that.



and again…thanks for the fixes.
I realize checking links can be a nightmare (I have nearly 1000 pages up with over 43,000 links to maintain
I’m sure at least a couple hundred are dead any any one time. ) :slight_smile:
…so in my reading I simply added another that was ‘in my way’ trying to get all this running :slight_smile:



Woah! that is indeed a huge number of pages to maintain! Thanks a lot for helping us and, in turn other users in keeping the documentation healthy :smile: