Issues in FlytOS 1.34b with Pi3


Hi, I have just tested FlytOS 1.34, its great, the only issue being faced till now since ver 1.0 is no live video feed with CSI cam however its fine with Logitech C920 USB CAM.

Two more critical feedback;

  1. No HD video stream at ground station, only 640x480
  2. Lag in the video is very very high, not suitable for FPV

There is some serious bug in in 1.34 which I came to observe later. When the FlyOS in Pi3 automatically upgrades from 1.31 to 1.34, then on subsequent power cycles, flytconsole windows does not open even if I can see that on home wifi network there is ip ( allocated to the Pi3 running FlytOS 1.34, I can ping it but the flytconsone does not open.
I have repeated it many times and observed same issue. Then I went back to 1.31 with which the flytconsole opens every time then I black listed 1.34 and turned off automatic update in the configuration setting.




yeah there was a bug with 1.31 which caused issues when it auto-updated to 1.34.
Please follow, the following commands to resolve this bug.

  1. Download this script (11.0 KB) to RPi3.
  2. Go to Downloaded directory.
  3. Make the script executable by running the following in the folder which contains the downloaded script
    $ chmod +x
  4. Then execute the script by running
    $ sudo ./

Your existing FlytOS installation will be purged and the latest one will be reinstalled.

Once done, system will reboot. After it boots up, please run the following commands and post your result.

ls /etc/init.d
ls /etc/rc4.d


This is in our TODO list. We would take it up sometime next week.

Yes. Even we are disappointed with the current solution. We are trying to provide support for gstreamer ASAP. @Dhirajd can you help him out with gstreamer for now, till we provide a standard solution.


Hi, thanks for addressing the issues and extending support, following is the the result;
flytpod@flytpod:~$ ls /etc/init.d
alsa-utils kerneloops reboot
anacron keyboard-setup resolvconf
apparmor killprocs rng-tools
apport kmod rsync
avahi-daemon lightdm rsyslog
avahi-dnsconfd saned
binfmt-support sendsigs
bluetooth single skeleton
brltty speech-dispatcher ssh networking sshguard network-manager tlp
console-setup ntp triggerhappy
cron ondemand udev
cups openvpn ufw
cups-browsed plymouth umountfs
dbus plymouth-log
flytos pppd-dns umountroot
grub-common procps unattended-upgrades
halt raspi-config urandom
hddtemp rc uuidd rc.local whoopsie rcS x11-common
irqbalance README
flytpod@flytpod:~$ ls /etc/rc4.d
K01apport S01rsyslog S02rng-tools S05cups-browsed
K01irqbalance S01triggerhappy S02rsync S05saned
K01ntp S01uuidd S02speech-dispatcher S06grub-common
K01sshguard S02anacron S03avahi-daemon S06ondemand
K01tlp S02cron S03bluetooth S06plymouth
K01whoopsie S02dbus S03lightdm S06rc.local
K02ssh S02flytos S04openvpn
README S02hddtemp S05avahi-dnsconfd
S01binfmt-support S02kerneloops S05cups

…With above activity, now 1.34b is running fine and the flytconsole window opens up every time, thanks


NSR: These issues in the system creates a big hurdle in the way for this product to be commercially accepted product.

Pls have a look at EZ_WifiBroadcast which is giving long range HD FPV quality video with very very small lag in the video.


Good to hear that 1.34b is working fine now. Yes, video streaming is definitely something which we are trying to address ASAP. Thank you for sharing the above link. We would definitely look into it.


:slight_smile:Welcome, I shall be eager to hear more good news in upcoming releases.


Sure SRV.

Hello @narpat007
We have some work in release pipeline which should solve the problems with video streaming. Right now the web video server used is certainly not suitable for FPV. With these future releases we will be supporting gstreamer, ffmpeg for h264 compressed video streaming over rtmp. (which is most probably the solution that you mentioned does) We hope to release this update soon.

If you are interested I can help you implement the similar solution that we will be releasing. You will be able to stream 1280p video without significant latency with it. Let me know If you want to try it out.


Hi, thanks a lot for writing and extending support. I shall be waiting for that quite desperately.

Yes, I am interested for that interim solution to implement in FlytOS Pi3, the 1280p video without significant lag, pls guide me.



Hi Dhiraj D, I am waiting for your support to be able to stream 1280p video.


which camera are you going to use? Can you send me a link to the camera?


Hi, thanks for your support. I would prefer to use PI CSI Camera but in case it is yet not supported by FlytOS then I would use Logitech C920 USB HD camera.


For Logitech C920 you can try solution given in this link.

Remember the cvlc is command line for vlc. You need to install vlc on raspberry pi.

We are working on support for PI CSI camera as well.


Hi, I already have a long range HD video streaming with CSI Cam on Pi using EZ_WifiBroadcast 1.5

I want to have HD video streaming working along with FlytOS. Would the solution you suggested work side by side with FlytOS ?


If you are using Ez_wifibroadcast then you can use it alongside the FlytOS. You have to simply edit a launch file so that FlytOS does not try to capture the camera during startup. The only problem is getting easy wifi broadcast setup along with FlytOS. AFAIK they are using raspbian. I will see if wifibroadcast can be integrated in the FlytOS raspberry pi image as well. Meanwhile you can go ahead and try to install their libraries on the FlytOS image for raspberry pi. It will be great if you could share your steps as well.


Hi Dhiraj, its really nice to hear from you. It would be a great idea. I shall give it a try and share if got success.
Is there any progress on CSI cam support in FlytOS ?


Yeah, Its in our agenda. Has not been taken up yet, but as mentioned before we will target its release by end of this week.


Hi SRV, Thanks for the reply, I shall be waiting to hear the good news.



Can you try this out?


Hi, Yes, I tried it and updated you here is other post here.