Issue installing FlytOS image on Intel Edison


hey guys, in the process of putting the FlytOS image on an Intel Edison when it gets to the rootfs it tells me in the log it doesnt have the required space and it quits…i have the intel edison breakout board, the smaller one…any workaround this issue?


Are you trying to flash v1.41?
Do you power your Intel edison from external power supply or by USB?

I’ve flashed v1.41 a few weeks ago and the only problem I saw is powering with USB cable.


Hi @iriol,

What is your available disk space in intel edison?
It would be great if you could send me your logs.


sorry been out town,yes I am powering edison from 12V source thru J21, not using USB for power…
I can install the default intel image just fine, but not the flytos…

where do i find the logs?