Is there any api available for flip or change angle of drone



is there any api available for change the angle for drone standing or flying.
like if my drone if standing upon me, then his camera is not showing my video.
then i turn the drone angle , and camera easily see me.
is it posible ??

which api i use to do this…



First thing, to make the camera look up and down tilting and fliping the drone is not an option as to make the drone stay at a place it is supposed to be parallel to the ground and if you tilt it, it will start moving in that direction.

for the camera to look down or front what you need is a gimbal and apis to control the gimbal.

The gimbal control apis are available in flytsim and will be made available in flyos in some time later.
The documentation for the same will also be made available in a few days for testing in flytsim.


Video API stop working and not gray image only.
it as worked fine, both two links.
but today one link stop working and second show me only gray image.