Is FlytBase closed source?



I wanted to check the code of flytbase in order to set it up according to my needs, however it seems that under /lib/core_api i can only find the executables but not the source codes…?

I wanted to connect the pixhawk to odroid using Serial4/5 port and USB-FTDI rather than Telem2 and USB-UART but since the config (which im guessing is setup_api) is closed i cant really change that?

Also i want to use APM Copter and Mission planer rather than PX4 and QGC…is this at all possible?



please visit here, to configure flytos for your need. Even though FlytOS is closed source, it has enough flexibility for the users to modify FlytOS accordingly.

We are working towards compatibility with APM. It should be out within a week. Will keep you updated.


Will try that out. Thanks.

exactly a week? or like 2 weeks? :stuck_out_tongue:[quote=“srv, post:2, topic:347”]
APM Copter and Mission planer

What about mission planner? no support?


Well considering documentation tasks and all, yeah 2 weeks but not more than that.

Along with APM, mission planner support will also be made available.