Intel Aero RTF no extra FC


I have an aero rtf drone (not the intel compute board), loaded with Copter 3.5.3 ArduPilot firmware which works perfect with mission planner etc.

I’d like to make flytos get parameters from intel aero board from localhost:5760 and not buying a separate pixhawk or any other flight controller for this.



Hi @sotiris155,

We had already personnaly communicated the instructions required to connect to Intel Aero RTF kit to you.
Are those instructions not valid?
Please mention the exact problem you are facing.


In the flytconsole it shows connection status ‘Disconnected’. It is probably searching for a usb pixhawk or so device. I’m sure it can get this info via port 5760 but I don’t know how to make this happen.


Please send us the runlog and startuplog.

You can separately search for how to connect MavROS to AeroRTF.
You do not need to install mavros separately as FlytOS has inbuilt mavros package.
Please share any relevant docs you find which would help us debug this issue faster.

FlytOS is configured to search for devices in udp://14550 as well. AeroRTF does transmit its packets in UDP.
Make sure AeroRTF is configured to transmit data in UDP.
To test this, Open QGC, connect to same wifi network of AeroRTF, and you would see the QGC automatically connects to your drone.


Thank you very much. I hadn’t realized it was a mav routing problem.
I created a new endpoint to connect mavrouter with AeroRTF and it works.

sudo gedit /etc/mavlink-router/config.d/local-udp.conf

and you write in the file

[UdpEndpoint localhost]


Closing this issue now.