Installing flytos on raspberry pi


I am getting the following errors while installing flytosv1.5-4b.deb on my raspebrry pi. The os version on my raspebrry pi is Raspbian 8 Jessie.

How do I install it correctly?

basH: rospack command not found
dependency problems prevent configuration … many libraries not found



You have two options to get FlytOS running on RPi.
Either flash the latest FlytOS image for RPi or install all required dependencies on a Ubuntu 16.04 image for RPi.

Check out these links:


I am very new to all this. Not sure what you mean by Ubuntu 16.04 for flight computer. My Raspberry Pi OS is Raspbian Jessie.

Please elaborate


Hi @Sreyams,

I would request you to simply flash our image on your SD Card.
Follow this link:
and once done, follow this guide:


This is before or after installing the noob from raspberry pi 3?


This is my first companion computer setup as well do you install the raspberry operating system first. All my pieces should be in tomorrow.


32MB card came with my raspberry pi 3


You do not need to install any ‘noob’ or ‘rasbian’ OS. Simply flash your SD Card by following our setup procedure as mentioned in the above shared links.
Once done, insert your SD card into RPi and power up your device. FlytOS would be up and running.


I am in the process of moving and when I have completed this task I am more than confident in setup my raspberry Pi with you. I am so looking forward to working with you.


Sure. Feel free to ask any of your doubts.


Hi @srv-admin, if I flash the image into the sd card successfully the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ will boot without problem right? I connected the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ to my macbook in order to activate flytos but it didn’t work. Should the sd card be fat32?

Lately I connected the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ to the monitor but it popped up rainbow channel.


I would request you to reflash the SD Card by following the exact guidelines that we have mentioned over here: