Indoor positioning and navigation using vision SLAM


I planing to use vision SLAM for drone’s Indoor positioning and navigation.Hardware devices include odroid xu4, pixhawk, and mono camera.
The autopilot requires a position feedback from one or more sources such as GPS, optical flow, vicon. etc.FlytOS won’t be able to control the drone’s position if position lock is not available. AUTONOMOUS flight. But I don’t have an optical flow sensor.And there is no GPS signal,can I use odroid, monocular camera and SLAM package to provide position feedback to autopilot?How should I use flytos for this purpose?



Hello @Bryan,

Are you using PX4 or APM?
you can publish to this rostopic: mavros/vision_pose/pose_delta

I would suggest you follow relevant docs for APM/PX4. They should have relevant mavros APIs for sending position estimates. FlytOS internally runs mavros, and you can call those APIs.

If you need further help on this, feel free to post your concerns.