Individual Actuator Testing



There is an option called as Motor Testing which is providing individual motor testing on the FlytConsole. I can’t use it on my XU4-PX4 combination, it’s writing that it is a FlytPOD feature in the logs.

So, my question in this case,

As far as I know, FlytPOD is already built on an XU4 and Pixhawk. Also, even if it is different since the communication protocol is the same, the same feature should work on XU4 as well. So, can I activate this feature on my XU4-PX4, or can I implement this testing process via MAVLink on the PX4 firmware?

As far as I remember, individual actuator testing is removed from PX4 firmware and now only APM firmware is supporting that. (with MissionPlanner)



This is a valid point. PX4 does not support it but APM does. We added a special module in PX4 running on FlytPOD to allow motor/actuator testing. Since, this module is not available in PX4, it won’t work with your odroid-xu4.

yes, you can surely write your own code on Pixhawk, and make it communicate via MAVLink.