In Flytsim the drone is getting crashed after few minutes


I have used the flytsim to takeoff drone and navigate along some points and land after that if I tried for second round Its either getting crashed or its behaviour is unpredictable.
I was using Rest calls to communicate with Drone I was getting HTTP status 500 .


Reply as soon as possible



Are you using cloudsim or native flytsim?
In case of native flytsim, send me the run log


flyt_runlogs.log (54.5 KB)

I have attached the log.



Have you gone through this troubleshooting guide?

It seems that your laptop is not being able to cope up with computational power requirement of FlytSim.
Please send me your

  1. laptop specifications.
  2. FlytSim version
  3. Are you running it using Docker ? If yes, what is your host OS?

I would suggest you to use APM sitl which has much less power requirement, unless you have a very specific need for PX4 sitl.


flytsim version 1.52
I am using docker for Windows 10 Pro OS

I cant use use APM because I have to use the pictures captured from drone. (eg. house roof)


So Docker for Windows is the bottleneck causing the performance issues.
Did you check the troubleshooting guide shared above?
What is the output of gz stats command?
Did you try providing more CPU core to Docker?
If nothing works, I am afraid you have to setup a Linux machine for it to work correctly.


i am getting Factor 0.62


Did you try this out?


I have provided 3 cpus earlier
but still getting factor less than 0.65

Can we reset the drone to initial position after navigating it to some point

I am afraid, you have to setup a Linux machine for it to work correctly.