Improving flight characteristics of the SITL copter


Hi there,

We are currently having some trouble getting the simulated copter to perform as we expect it to be.
Our physical copter has great PID settings and if we e.g. say go to 10m, it will hover at 10m. The simulated copter always drops down around 1.5m.
Apart from that the Pitch/Roll performance is way of.

Is there any way to tweak the PID settings of the simulated copter or improve flight behaviour?




Sorry for the delayed response.

Are you using the default param file or have you made any changes to it?
I am attaching the default param file. Please verify any differences with the file at /flyt/flytos/flytcore/share/apm_sitl/copter.parm
copter.parm (2.0 KB)

I have tested waypoint, position setpoint and velosity setpoint and the vehicle’s roll/pitch and alt performance is just fine.


Hi there,

I tried again with the paramteter file you attached - please check yourself in the video. The copter drops a significant bit without any interaction after the takeoff.
(Google drive as I can’t upload here!)




Even I did the exact same experiment, and in my case altitude is held perfectly fine. Link to video.
The default max file size which could be uploaded is 3MB. May be thats why you were not able to upload.


Hi again,

Just tried it again with the shell command! Still the same result. Flytsim did an auto update which did not seem to fix it! (One video before/while update, one after the update)
I see you are running a native installation, could you try it on the docker version? I attached my dockerfile and the SITL I use! Just use docker build -t flytsim-cs .



Sorry for the delayed response.
In the latest update, we now officially support APM 3.5.0. I would suggest you to use the FlytSim in apm mode as it is.