How to run ros nodes from laptop than in raspberry pi in flytos?


I actually want to run a visual slam algorithm using flytos. Is it possible to run it on raspberry pi.
If not how can I run it on my laptop by using the rostopics published from flytos


Running visual SLAM on Raspberry Pi is not a good idea due to limited computation resources. You can either upgrade to a better onboard/companion computer, such as Nvidia Jetson Tx2. Or, you can run SLAM on your laptop.

ROS offers two ways to do that.

  1. MultipleMachines
  2. MultiMaster

The first one is easy to set up. The second one has more flexibility. You will be able to share the topics and services provided by FlytOS from ROS on your laptop using above packages.

However, remember that any such setup is sensitive to network bandwidth. I would suggest doing a quick POC with above packages to test the network delays.


Ok thank you .I actually tried running ORB slam on raspberry pi and the response was not that great.