How to remove devices from FlyCloud?


We are on commercial licence and we had to reflash the SD card - ie new flytos, but the system refuses to take the previous licence key used … it ask for a new one… But we want to keep the same name for our drone … so we would like to remove the old drone under commercial licence from the device list.
And create a new one?
How to do this ?


Hi @rfv-370,

Can you please share your Vehicle ID and your registered ( email ID.
Vehicle ID is visible in this page:


Yes it is clear but I want to remove a vehicle…
I want to remove the vehicle ID: e84Ct6dH
how to remove it ?


Users do not have the rights to remove any license or device. But FlytBase-admins will do it for you.
Please share your registered email ID for us to proceed.


our registered email is : and we want to remove the vehicle e84Ct6dH.


I believe @Vinayak_Singh is taking this up with you over email.