How to Install FlytOS on Edison Board with Pixhawk2?


I tried to do the Tutorial to install FlytOS on my Edison Board on which I installed Yocto Linux at first. It don’t work like it’s explained in the tutorial. When I try to get full rights with ‘sudo -s’ Yocto don’t show me my Home directory as I can see in the Video Tutorial. When I put the USB Stick in the USB Port Yocto don’t recognise it as I can see in the Tutorial Video. I allready tried to flash a diffrent Version of Yocto on my Board. But it still don’t work. Is the Tutorial maybe with Ubilinix?


yes, the tutorial is indeed with Ubilinux/Jubilinux per-installed on Edison. Somehow, this Note got lost while getting the documentation up. Sorry for the trouble.



We recently updated our edison image and our documentation which would definitely remove the problems you faced while installing the previous image. I would request you to please try it out.