How to get console in Edison and Pixhawk


Hi, I connect Intel edison to TELEM2 on Pixhawk. I can run flytconsole and get parameters from pixwahk

Now I would like to get edison console. So I try with USB cable, but it seems that USB and UART1 are the same… So, how can I connect Edison to Pixhawk and get console? Do I need to connect via wifi? I was runing “screen” /dev/ttyUSB0. Is there a way to connect using WiFi?



I’ve done it too:

ssh flytos@



Were you able to connect to Edison?
You can definitely ssh into Edison.
Moreover, USB and UART can be used simultaneously.


I was able to SSH to edison connected to their WiFi AP (edison_ap)
How can I connect using USB?




What happens when you follow the directions mentioned in this document.


Edison has2 USB connector. Once is connected to UART throug an FTDI chip.
So, if I connect pixhawk to UART, I lost the posibility of connect to EDISON throug that USB connector.
There is a second USB connector, in flytos it seems to be configured as a network?
#auto usb0
iface usb0 inet static

I would like to connect SSH in my linux PC to that USB port. Is it posible?

Without pixhawk connected, I can connect to FTDI USB and use screeen to get the EDISON console.

What is the best way to connect pixhawk to EDISON and EDISON to a PC?



Have you tried to connect to this USB, even when Pixhawk is connected to the serial UART port?
I have tried it and it is working just fine for me.


If I did it I don’t get console, I get garbage, becouse that USB is shared with the UART that is connected to Pixwahk, I just try it.

Is there a way to connect my PC through the other USB?

How can I connect my PC to edison, run flytconsole and have internet connection?



Is this document of any help to you?

I would be great if you could share an image of all your Edison-laptop and Edison-Pixhawk connections. Please tag key elements in your image in detail.


I allready read that document.
I connect my PC to EDISON using WiFi. In my PC I choose edison_AP as the connection and can run flytconsole. Bur doing that lose internet connection on my PC. Do I need a second wifi connection from my PC to my Internet router?

EDIT: Never mind following part, FTDI USB is connected to ttyMFD2 and UART used to connect to pixhawk is ttyMFD1, so there will be another problem.

I connect Pixhawk to EDISON exactly like this picture:

The only difference is that I soldered cables on pixhawk side.
I connect Pixhak to QGC using 3dr radios on TELEM1.
Finally I try to connect FTDI USB on Edison to my PC using a simple USB cable.
But, I think that uart side of FTDI is connected to the same UART that is wired to TELEM2 of Pixhawk.

hope this help




Once you ssh into Edison via edison_AP. Edit /etc/network/interfaces file as mentioned in WiFi in Client Mode section of earlier shared document. Once edited, reboot Edison. Now, Edison should connect to your home/office router.


Oh!!! I didn’t see it!!!
Ok, now I can ssh to and connect to edison having internet. what a newbie am I!



So should I close this issue?


Yes please, close it.

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