How to connect flytconsole and QGC


I have installed flytos v1.5 ,qground v3.3.2 control and pix4 firmware. Can someone tell me how can i connect qground control to flytconsole ? ( i tried localhost/flytconsole and it didn’t work )


Can you mention the Companion Computer you are using? And the doc that you followed to install FlytOS.
Moreover, Please share the startuplog and runlog. Click here to know more.


hi , i use asus laptop and i’m following docs.flytbase, i followed flytlogs and when i press ardupilot logs to refresh logs list nothing appear so i can’t download nothing


Please send the Startup log and runlog. You don’t need to send ‘autopilot’ logs.

How have you connected Pixhawk to your laptop?
Have you installed FlytOS or FlytSim?

Can you explain what you are trying to achieve so that I could help you better.


i have connected pixhawk to my laptop with usb
i installed flytos on raspberry pi 3

i’m trying to do tracking object with a drone : i installed flytos on raspberry pi 3 , i have installed qground control on my laptop and i have connected the pixhawk with usb with my laptop ( of course i installed a firware on th pixhawk) . and when i open flytconsole (flytos) on the raspberry i can’t do configuration or calibration and i can’t detect the pixhawk


Sorry for the delayed response.

Let me just share a step-by-step guide for FlytOS setup.

  • Install FlytOS on RPi. Seems like you have already done this step. You do not need to install FlytOS on your Asus laptop.
  • Connect RPi to Pixhawk via USB-UART.
  • Configure Pixhawk to send Telemetry data via UART. Follow this guide to set this up, especially the 4th and 5th step.
  • Reboot Pixhawk.
  • Boot up RPi.
  • Make sure your laptop is connected to the same network as RPi.
  • Open your laptop’s browser, and open FlytConsole with URL -> http:///flytconsole
  • Check if FlytConsole is showing a valid ‘connection’ status.
  • If not, then please share the FlytOS RunLogs (the file named -> flyt_runlogs.log). Click on the download button as shown here.