How to Connect DJI Guidance to RasPi with FlytOS


I have a drone which include DJI A3 flight controller and DJI Light Bridge 2 air unit. Now, I want to add a obstacle avoidance system by using DJI Guidance. There is a information about adding support for DJI Guidance in ChangeLogs of FlytOS 1.5.4.
I could not find any documentation about connecting DJI Guidance to RasPi and FlytOS. Please provide a documentation.


Connect UART of Guidance to USB of RPi.
Connect UART of A3 to UART of RPi.

Make sure you follow the above guide.

Once done,

  • Use DJI Guidance Assistant to enable obstacle data via its UART channel. Checkout this link.
  • power on RPi
  • Open a terminal
  • Edit this file using ‘sudo’ permission:


and uncomment these lines:

  <!-- <include file="$(find guidance_uart)/launch/uart_port.launch">
   <arg name="port" value="/dev/ttyUSB0" />
 </include> -->
  • Do the same with this file:


  • Make sure you reopen the files to check they have been edited and saved correctly.
  • Reboot RPi.
  • Once RPi boots up, check FlytOS runlog for Guidance related error message if any.
  • If everything is working all right, you will get to see data in rostopic:


NOTE: For this plugin to work, you must have FlytOS commercial license.


Before I purchase a commercial license to work this plugin, are there a way to demonstrate this plugin works fine? I should know whatever it works or not. Do you have a free trial license for commercial usage?


In addition, the drone will has obstacle avoidance behaviour by applying your insructions. Is not it? No need to write my own code to having obstacle avoidance behaviour on my drone after purchased a commercial license of FlytOS?


For now, I can convert your existing Personal License to Commercial License, with a validity of 14 days. This should give you enough time to validate the feature. Please respond if this works for you.

By following the guidelines, you will be able to access Guidance data and nothing more. You would have to integrate your own obstacle avoidance alogrithm.

In case you are using APM, I can provide you with further instructions which would unlock obstacle avoidance algorithm provided by APM-Copter. Click here to know more about APM’s object avoidance algorithm. Head’s up, it would just stop if it detects an obstacle upfront, but not create a new path around it.


I use DJI A3 not APM. I have received an answer on facebook from your page,
And it says
" Absoultely, we can help you do that! We have solved this problem for number of customers.

Please write to us with your complete requirements and specifications at

We would be happy to help you.


Achal Negi
Head of Buisness Development "

if you have solved this problem for number of customers, FlytOS should be able to make it possible, is not it?
In addition, there are lots of samples on github for free and they provide to see guidance output data for me. What does you make different from others?
This is a trivial solution.


Hi @semihy,

Did he mention that we have solved the problem for DJI A3 users? It clearly states that we can solve this problem for you, once we understand your exact requirements.

You are more than welcome to try them out and they should work out just fine. We encourage users/developers to write algorithms on top of FlytOS using their own logic or 3rd party libraries.

With the commercial license, you not only get a code which is plug and play, you also get priority support.


Conversation is here. if commercial license could solve my problem without develop my own code, i.e. with commercial license dji a3 will has obstacle avoidance behaviour by using dji guidance, I will purchase it. I have no ability to develop my own algorithm for obstacle avoidance behaviour. I have only basic ability to work with Linux and RasPi.


Your requirement comes under the domain of ‘custom development’ as what you are requesting, even though is available for APM, is not yet developed for DJI A3.

I would request you to setup a call with Achal, so that we understand your requirements better and try to come up with a solution to suit your needs as soon as possible.


Ok, I will setup a call and define my all requirements


Thanks. This should help.