How long does it take to get a response from Flybase Support regarding a licensing problem?


Nitin Gupta issued me a commercial license for FlytOS and when I attempt to active it, it activates as a personal license. I tried to revoke and re-activate the commercial license with no success. I have made multiple requests to Flytbase support, but no one has responded in two days.

How do I get a response fly Flytbase Support? I need to get this drone operational for an upcoming story on ABC News Nightline in the US.

I am preparing Mavericks as a standby companion computer in case Flytbase support cannot reply and resolve my issue in time.

This is extremely frustrating and should be a simple problem to solve, yet even though I have made 3 requests, I have not received a single reply from support.

PLEASE HELP! I am running out of time.


Sorry for the delay.
The next steps to solve your issue has been sent to you over your email thread.