Had llive video in followme on desktop and wifi death!


thought I was good to go… plugged in a wifi cam…actually had the stream up momentarily on my desktop pc…then turned to a freeze frame (video image)

wifi drops again. OK…this time no matter what I can not even get the flytpod_wifi to show up, no can not access it on my iphone… go to the pod itself… bring up a browser… does not connect… will bring up the flytconsole, but i can not connect to the router!

so I fire up a terminal window… nothing… it just sits there… I push the button to power down the pod…wait a few seconds…it shuts down… wait an extra 1/2 minute and switch off power.

I then switched off the wifi (down through the little hole in the case top)
I boot up… when the pod desktop is up I fire up a terminal and start the minicom. Switching on the router I get a whole crap load of stuff streaming by. Then it gets down to an authentication that it accepts…then a couple lines later it rejects that previous acceptance as invalid then goes into a loop every 15-seconds or so pumping out a few lines of activity then sits 10 or so seconds then repeats … associating, authenticating then rejecting and looping again.
…ok…I kill minicom terminal

an ifconfig -a shows what looks like a IPV6 address for eth0, but no IP. no matter how many times I set the console AP or client mode network config…or try via the desktop network tools. (in between reboots)… nothing seems to catch.

I can not get to the openwrt in the terminal, nor in a browser window. I have no wifi AGAIN!!! What the hell …it is NOT the way I’m shutting down. This worked for a day or two…now is flaked out again! all I did (with power off) was plug in a camera, it was working then stopped! This is the same camera as before without issue on either pod.

Ok…so I open up the case…yet again… notice a red wire from the odroid network port has a bit of a crimp in it… looks like the wire got pinched somewhere. to be safe I put a small piece of elect tap on it. Ohmed out the cable… no issues found…plug it all back together…no change. no WiFi router functions or access avail… yet the router board will stream data to the minicom terminal

What the HELLl! I KNOW I shut it down properly according to your instructions. It was working with the camera across my home network and had the vid stream on my desktop pc in the followme app…then it just stopped and I can not access the router via terminal or browser. Yet I can see live data as it boots in the terminal (minicom) window!

There has to be some way to indicate or troubleshoot or relaod or something this router board! So what the heck is the


Lets continue over the new wifi thread that you posted. I’m sure everything will be sorted after we are done with that.