Gimbal and Camera Control


I would like to have the Pixhawk (APM stack) perform just the flight control and the companion computer (RPI) control the camera and gimbal operation without going via the Pixhawk as this provides a more elegant and modular architecture. The interface to both camera (Black Magic Micro) and gimbal (Gremsy T1) is the S.Bus protocol. Is this something that could be implemented with FlytOS ?



As you may already know, FlytOS can control your gimbal via Pixhawk. But unfortunately we don’t have any module which would control your gimbal directly via RPI.

If you want we can definitely get this module built for you. It would be great if you could send us your exact requirements so that we can take it further.


Thanks for considering my request and let me provide some details on what I am trying to achieve. My ultimate goal is to develop an application that can record a manual flight and then turn that data into an editable mission script. I don’t won’t to record just the flight path but also the gimbal and camera actions in order to reproduce the shot. Although gimbal control can be performed via the APM flight controller it has very limited camera control. Some high end gimbals and cameras can be controlled via a separate RC transmitter using the S.Bus. Instead of having the receiver directly connected to the Camera/Gimbal the companion computer would be in between to record the manual operations and be able to playback the camera gimbal actions along with the flight path.


wow that’s great. @achal it would be great if you could schedule a call with @Spitfire to take this further.


Thanks @srv.

@Spitfire, just sent you a pm.


Thanks guys, but I am not quite ready to have a call at the moment as its really early days of this project. Apart from being able to control the camera and gimbal settings from the companion computer I also need to be able to retrieve the image files from the camera in order to geotag them with the GPS information from the flight controller and it looks like that’s not possible via the sbus.


@Dhirajd, would be great if you could share some thoughts on this.


I should explain that I am looking for a technology to support 2 separate applications. The first is to record a mission, that is conducted manually and have the companion computer record the flight path and camera/gimbal settings in order to edit and repeat that shot that would be useful for cinematography - take 2, take 3 etc…The second is for surveying where its needed to record the GPS information into the photo image file. I believe that these two areas are where a companion computer can be really useful. It seems FlytOS though uses a webcam to capture photos and videos which just does not have the resolution required for either of these applications. I see that Sony has a SDK for some of their cameras so maybe this is an area to research.