Getting this error on opening start in Powershell on windows 10



Hi @kumaraniket22,

The first line of error suggests:

Access to the path is denied!

Can you please make sure that the file indeed exists in that path. If available, can you please share it in this thread.


I have done that and also given access to it. But I am facing a new error after that.

Here, is the link:


Open a powershell and run this command:

docker pull flytbase/flytsimv2:latest


Getting the same error.


Run this command first:

docker logout

Then try the previous command again


Getting this:


I am using Windows 10 Pro


Have you used Docker for Windows before as well?
It seems you have configured your Docker for Windows to run Windows container!
I request you to re-configure it back to run Linux container.


Please tell me how to do that?
Do I have to reinstall docker?


Did you particularly configure it to run Windows Container?

Also please post output of these commands:

docker info
docker version


Please take a look at this related docker issue.


Here’s what I got on running the above two commands:


Just follow the above link, and it should work now.