Get current Gimbal parameters


In the api documentation, I can see that there is an option to control the gimbal of my camera.

But I don’t see where I can get the current gimbal parameters.

does that option exist?


Which Gimbal are you using?
We do not have this API yet. We have this feature in our backlog for DJI gimbals.


Our Gimbal is DJI.

Is there a time estimate when it will be ready?

I can’t just send parameters, and hope that they work without checking the result, especially when I need to move it based on the existing parameters.


I will update this thread as soon as it built and made available for users.



Any updates on that issue ?



Hi @shuki,

There was a misunderstanding from my end.
When asked about the Gimbal, you had said that you were using DJI Gimbal, and I assumed you are using DJI Drone to control your Gimbal. If that be the case, then you can listen to the topic:

For more information ->

But, you seem to be using Pixhawk to control DJI Gimbal. Is that the case?

  • Does your DJI Gimbal provide feedback to Pixhawk?
  • Which exact Gimbal are you using?

Getting the YAW parameter of a Dji drone


We are using DJI protocol and not Pixhawk.



Please respond in case, my previous answer is not working for you.



We installed the ZENMUSE x3 camera on DJI gimbals.

At this point we are trying to get the video stream.
How it can be done ?




We are trying to use the Dji osdk to control the Dji gimbal while using Flytos onboard RPi B and we get blocked by serial port while trying to get connected to drone using the Uart

Do you have experience using both flytbase and Dji Osdk on same Uart (Matrice 100) ?



No. You cannot use both DJI OSDK and FlytOS simultaneously as only one process will get access to serial port.

FlytOS internally has DJI ROS SDK modules and exposes all the DJI ROS APIs. I would suggest to use those APIs if required.


But controlling Dji gimbal is not one of those APIs …


How can we use those exposed APIs in order to control the gimbal or use commands like set_waypoints or HotSpot of Dji sdk ?



Yes, of course, you can use all the APIs listed here - (except the APIs for M210 as they are not supported for RPi).

The API one can use to control gimbal, waypoint, hotpoint are mentioned in the above doc.

Note: All the FlytOS APIs (including DJI’s) are exposed with a namespace (starts with) - flytos



Can you give example of command usage ?




How can we contorl the DJI gimbal using the ROS dji_sdk exposed by flytos ?
We manage to use onboard api services but gimbal control - you need to use Subscribed Topics and we didn’t find a way to do it using flytos.

Please advise


To Control a DJI Gimbal, run this command in a terminal:

rostopic pub /flytos/dji_sdk/gimbal_angle_cmd dji_sdk/Gimbal "header:
  seq: 0
  stamp: {secs: 0, nsecs: 0}
  frame_id: ''
ts: 0
mode: 0
yaw: 0.0
pitch: -30
roll: 0.0" 

This command will tilt (pitch) the gimbal downwards with 30 degrees.



We will try it


We tried this command.
We got back “Publishing and latching message…”.

We command -

echo /flytos/dji_sdk/gimbal_angle_cmd and got back -

seq: 1
secs: 0
nsecs: 0
frame_id: ‘’
ts: 0
mode: 1
yaw: 20.0
pitch: 0.0
roll: 0.0

But no gimabl movement …

What did we do wrong ?


We also tried different options of parameters such “yaw”: 20.0 and more but no gimabl movement.

The same gimbal we managed to move using dji osdk sample file …