Followme flytvison


playing here… couldn’t get a vid link in the flytpod/ followme…

opened a terminal (putty) and ssh’ed in ran the
roslaunch vision_apps object_tracking.launch global_namespace:=flytpod
and viola’! video! and the tacking functions work in the browser.

NOW WE’RE BACK TO WHERE IT ALL STARTED… the pod needs to be a fixed IP.
The app dropped out while playing with color tracking parameters. …yep saw red text in the ssh window… net dropped out says it was caused by network command…

checked my scanner… the device came back as a different IP address…home net router didn’t swap (as if I’d been using the name flypod… had to reset the DNS cache to get it to see the new address…

5 minutes later…same issue…drpped out, but this time I simply changed the IP address (both times did have to re-execute the roslaunch command to get the vid back in the browser app.

stable issues … or am I simply missing something again trying to run these apps?


Fixed IP address is resolved now with FlytOS v1.1 update for AP mode.
Let me take a look into what exactly could be your problem with streaming.


to get the vid to even show up I had to open a terminal and run the ROS command. Perhaps the terminal and brwoser open at the same time was the issue. he brwoser alone was not bringing up the video on in the followme app lindked directly from the main interface as http://flytpod (has just console and followme)
the flytpod/flytvision was a no-go altogether (not sure if a past revision…just sall it in one of hte forum posts)