FlytSim World - Configuration


I am new to Gazebo.
When I start FlytSim the world is empty. Is there somewhere configuration to load a different world? I want to do obstacle detection.


Hi @Pangratios_Cosma

You can build your own world by placing models in the environment. Gazebo has a very nice tutorial on doing that : . As shown in the tutorial you can add simple shapes or complex models, move them around. Finally you can also save the World for later use. Give it a try and post here if you need help with something.



Thank you for the quick reply.
I remember in the past I was able to use a different world, but I don’t remember how I did it. Aren’t there any ready made worlds which I can just plug in? And if so, what configuration should I change?



No unfortunately we revamped our FlytSIM’s backend engine, which meant doing away with then available custom environments. It would be made available in our next release. Till then you should try the link shared by @zubin above. It is very easy to add objects, and we will help you in case you face any problems.


OK. Thanks for the info.