FlytSim with Nvidia Jetson Tx2


I have Nvidia Jetson Tx2 board. I have installed FlytOS on it. Tx2 will control drone using FlytOS APIs.
We are planning to buy DJi drones but right now we do not have any and want to use FlytSim for testing software developed on Tx2.

As per my understanding this can be achieved by

  1. FlySim running on Tx2
    In this case we have to install flytsim-docker on tx2. But when i try to install, I am getting below error
    “Error: This install script does not support aarch64.”

  2. FlytSim running on some other machine and communicating with FlytOS over UART/Ethernet. But did not find any documentation how to achieve this.

Can you please help me to understand which is best option and how to do that?

Thanks for your support.



FlytSim cannot be installed on TX2, but can only be installed on Intel Processors.
Please follow this guide to setup FlytSim on your Laptop.

Moreover, FlytSim does SITL simulation and does not need to connect with FlytOS.