FlytSim personal license - replace devices


Hi, this is somewhat related to the other question - because we have to manually activate flytSim after a new build/deploy, I used all my personal licenses:

Can I delete old sims somehow, or replace their license with a new one? (I just reached the limit, didn’t try to activate a new one yet, but I will need to try it today).

Thank you.


Send us the Vehicle IDs that you would want us to deactivate (which would allow you to use the hanging license when you try to register a device).
Moerover, are you creating a new FlytSim instance on a different AWS machine or on the same machine?


I think the AWS machine gets removed and a new one created - but it should have the exact same specs.

Here are the vehicle Ids I would like removed - also maybe we can have the option to delete devices in the UI sometime in the future - or replace a license when adding a new device - use an already allocated license:




License gets tied to the hardware. New VM instance will definitely need a new license, as the hardware gets changed.

I have asked my team to deactivate those devices, allowing you to attach their licenses.

This has the potential of being misused by users. We anyway deactivate devices on users’ request.
You do not have any license number limit when using ‘commercial’ licenses.

UPDATE: You should be able to see 3 dangling license-keys while going through device registration.


Hi there,

I’m really curious about the fact that I do not have the possibility of reusing a personal license.
What are the reasons behind this? What would be the purpose?

Now I’m in the actual position where I need to create an additional account just so I can register other devices even though the other ones are not available anymore. As @aluca said, machines are deleted from time to time, and unfortunately that means losing the hardware chassis id. Also, it kinda defeats a little bit the docker image purpose right? Because if I run the docker container with another path as volume, it needs to be reactivated.

In any case, please help me understand how can I activate additional simulators and keeping just 6 licenses active - meaning how can I reuse the available licenses without creating accounts here and there?



Can you please elaborate on ‘run the docker container with another path as volume’. What do you mean by this exactly?

Moreover, the idea behind using Docker was to ease out FlytSim setup so that it gets easily installed on any machine, without troubling the user to install FlytSim related dependencies.

I understand, because of your VM situation, you are facing issues while activating your device. Let me talk to my team and figure out a possible solution.


Thank you for your response.
I mean that… the docker-compose contains a mounted volume and that mounted volume keeps some metadata that says that particular device is activated or not. That’s why I mentioned that the change of that volume path can cause the device to appear deactivated.

But that isn’t my main concern.
I’m trying to figure out a way to reuse a personal license even though it was already used for a device.
Why I need that? Because that device where the sim resided can be deleted, due to costs or resource allocation. The activation works, the problem is that I have reached my limit and I can not remove the already allocated licenses even though those devices don’t exist anymore.

Hope this is clearer.



This is regarding similar license issue, I’m not able to use the doubly created license. Will you please delete license for vehicle ID: OA14Yd3t from the related account?



@utkarshpatil. sure will do the needful.