FlytSim personal license - replace devices


Hi, this is somewhat related to the other question - because we have to manually activate flytSim after a new build/deploy, I used all my personal licenses:

Can I delete old sims somehow, or replace their license with a new one? (I just reached the limit, didn’t try to activate a new one yet, but I will need to try it today).

Thank you.


Send us the Vehicle IDs that you would want us to deactivate (which would allow you to use the hanging license when you try to register a device).
Moerover, are you creating a new FlytSim instance on a different AWS machine or on the same machine?


I think the AWS machine gets removed and a new one created - but it should have the exact same specs.

Here are the vehicle Ids I would like removed - also maybe we can have the option to delete devices in the UI sometime in the future - or replace a license when adding a new device - use an already allocated license:




License gets tied to the hardware. New VM instance will definitely need a new license, as the hardware gets changed.

I have asked my team to deactivate those devices, allowing you to attach their licenses.

This has the potential of being misused by users. We anyway deactivate devices on users’ request.
You do not have any license number limit when using ‘commercial’ licenses.

UPDATE: You should be able to see 3 dangling license-keys while going through device registration.