FlytSim license expiration


Hi all,

I have a question about the FlytSim expiration interval. For example in the below image, I just activated the sim today, and it shows in the Expires column, today’s date (image below). Which leads me to believe that in the Expiry column it’s actually the Activation date.

My question is: How often does the license expire? Is there a way to have it last longer?

Background: we run some sims in AWS, for testing purposes, and every once in a while (2 weeks maybe?), they get de-activated automatically. I assume it’s the license expiring right? Either that, or there’s something wrong with our AWS setup - that’s what I’m trying to figure out now. Is there a limit to how long a FlytSim can be UP?



It is actually dated One year from now :slight_smile:
So to answer your question: FlytSim expiration interval is 1 year from date of activation.

As long as your AWS machine remains the same, the license should not get deactivated. This issue is definitely not related to License Expiry. Whenever this happens, please send us the startup logs and run logs. Click here to know how to fetch runlog/startuplog.


Yes you are correct… My bad… I missed the year in the screenshot. It says 2019… Ok then it means our machines get destroyed / recreated. Because we also lose the starting position - I though that when the license expires, the starting position is also deleted.

Anyway, many thanks for the help with this, we will check our AWS setup.
Update: this is probably due to us using AWS Spot Instances

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