Flytsim in Flytpi


HI everyone,

I just got my flytpi, connected to the internet and it works.

But there are two things not yet working, and I need your help.

  1. The flytpi is not connected to a drone yet and as so there is no gps coordinates, and I can’t do anything with it. Can I use flytsim inside my flytpi?

  2. I Attached a USB camera, and I manage to see it in the list of video streams, but when I try to see the video in /ip/flytconsole It returns a 500 Internal code error. If I connect a screen to the flytpi I can see the video stream by running cheese. any ideas?


No, you cannot install FlytSim on FlytPi. You have to install FlytSim on a laptop.

Can you please send us your run log, and screenshot of FlytConsole. Click here to know how to fetch runlog.


This is what the list looks like (it only has one value).
But no matter how much I click on the red play button, nothing happens.

flyt_runlogs (1).log (22.0 KB)


Can you please open this -> http://<ip of RPi>:8080 in your browser.
And post the screenshot.

Ideally, you do not even need to press the red button and instead, the video should appear as soon as you open the Video tab.


loading… forever…


In RPi’s terminal, run this command:

sudo lsof -i :8080


If you want I can remote access to your RPi and debug this issue. If yes, respond on this thread and I will PM you for next steps.


That would be great.


I have PM’d you the next steps.


Please close this issue if this got fixed via Remote Access.

For others facing similar issue, Open a terminal in FlytPi and run this command:

sudo apt install ros-kinetic-image-transport ros-kinetic-compressed-image-transport