FlytSim Hardware Requirements



I have tried running FlytSim on VM and on a Macmini. On the VM i cannot even get it to run, the whole VM shuts down. On Macmini, its quite slow. Can you tell me the recommended hardware requirements for the FlytSim to run smoothly? or at least ‘OK’ ?



I run Parallels Desktop on my Macbook Pro and these are my specs that I use, Flytsim runs very smooth like this - 8 processors, 8 gigs of RAM, and it uses 64 gigs of my hard drive. I found that it doesn’t run as smooth with less than 6 processors or 6 gigs of RAM. Hope this helps


OK, noted. Thank you!


I also make sure I close all of the programs running on my Macbook Pro other than Parallels Desktop, just so all the processing power goes to Ubuntu


Hi Pangratios,

Yep it indeed is a bit heavy. I would suggest to not go VM way, unless you have a heavy duty device what Kyle has. I have 4 core and 4GB RAM with 1GB graphics n it works OK in this spec.

Because of such issues, we thought to take it all up to cloud. Do take a look at our announcement and sign up to get preview access.


@kylefoley Sure. Problem is, I own a Macbook which has a total of 8GB RAM.

@srv I saw FlytSim cloud, but I am still working on my prototypes, therefore I cannot afford paid subscription at the moment.


@Pangratios_Cosma just to clarify. Since this is a beta release with potentially quite a few of bugs. We need as many beta testers as we can, to improve upon it ASAP. Regarding paid subscription is considered, don’t worry it is free to subscribe.