Flytsim Docker Auto Setup


I currently use flytsim with an auto-setup script. it changes the files flytsim.cfg and lic_data.txt in my docker container whenever I launch the container. I have to do this because we purge our containers every week at our development. By saving these files I’m able to maintain my fly sim configurations such as startup location and same device lisence+vehicle id. But it does not save the Cloud Client Option… So I still have to manually enter the FlytConsole to check this feature, and give commands stop_flytsim and launch_flytsim inside my container. I’d like to know if is there a way to save this option.


You may try copying the flytsim.cfg and lic_data.txt file to a directory beside the docker-compose.yml file, and then volume mounting the flytsim.cfg and lic_data.txt file into the docker container at the correct position.