Flytsim (3 drones fly in formation)


Hey everyone.

Is it possible to do the simulation of 3 drones flying in formation using Flytsim? If is possible, could you guide me in doing so?

I tried to do it by:

  1. Copy n paste the Iris model, thus I have 3 of them in the scene. I also spaced them apart forming a triangle shape.
  2. Then I execute the demoapp2 or demoapp1 exe file.
  3. The 3 drones takeoff at same timing, however soon after it takeoff, all 3 of the drones went crazy and crash.

By right, after doing what I did for the above, the 3 drones should all be flying in a square together.

I do not know why this happens, but my gazebo keeps closing unexpectedly which really frustrates me. Thanks if anyone can help me out, as the deadline for our project is very close.