Flytpod wifi module and HDMI aren't working


So the Flytpod was working fine yesterday. Today, when I turned it on the health button was off. The wifi wasn’t recognisable. Also, the HDMI interface wan’t working. I realised that the flytOS sim - SD card was not being recognised when I plugged it into my adapter. Is there a way I can reinstall flits on another SD card and put it in the FLytPOD?

Is there any other error that I could solve?


Hi @dbalaram,

Can you make sure that you are correctly inserting 32GB SD Card into its slot. When you power on the device, you should feel the internal heat sink fan revving up for a few seconds. Can you confirm if this is happening or not? If the 32GB SD Card is inserted incorrectly, (inserted upside down or not into its slot), the FlytOS won’t boot up and you would face all such issues mentioned by you.


Alright, so I think theSD card is bent. I’ve burnt another SD card with the FlytOS software, but it isn’t booting when I insert that.
What should I do?


Hi @dbalaram,

Did you follow this guide, to flash your new SD card?