FlytPod Suddenly Won't Power Up


I was working a my Flytpod and it suddenly powered itself off an won’t power on again. I tried using both battery and 5V power supply and I get no nights or anything. It’s completely dead. Can you give me any advice please?

I had just activated it yesterday. It does not work at all. Is there a fuse somewhere?


Hello @billrock,

An email thread was opened to resolve this issue. Please respond if your grievances were resolved.


Thank you for your response. I spoke with Nitin and he was able to resolve all of my issues. He provided me with a commercial license for FlytOS on Odroid XU4, which is a perfectly satisfactory solution for me.

I am delighted with Flytbase customer service. Please use me as a reference if you like. I think you are very responsive and professional and always resolve problems I encounter.


PS - some day I might take the broken FlytPod apart just out of curiosity.

There may be some salvageable parts.

If you have any suggestions I would be happy to hear them.


Do you have the pinouts for Pixhawk 2 telemetry cable for Odroid XU4 with Shifter shield? I only have a cable for original Pixhawk, and now only use Pixhawk 2.


Please check out these links: