Flytpi problem reconnect in cloud after 3G lost


We are doing some tests with our cloudbased drone and we need to use it where it is poor and unstable 3G so we need to handle temporary disconnects of the drone.
Now we tested by removing and inserting the 3g modem into the flytpi usb, and we can see that it reconnects to the cloud. However the telemetry data is not working anymore, and in the flytbase console the drone remains disconnected (but “green” in the “My devices”). Need to reboot the flypi to get it to work again.

We will test do some faraday cage for the modem to test without having to remove it, but i guess it should work this way since it appears in the cloud again?

Can you give me some info about this, if it is supported and implemented to handle reconnect of the drone when 3G coverage returns?

/Sebastian W

After loss and reconnect 3G, ajax takeoff command does not work

@Dhirajd please respond to this.


Thanks for the feedback Sebastian.

By the design the connection should resume when drone connect back to the Internet. And as per your description, it is connecting back. The green icon in ‘My devices’ is updated every few minutes, so don’t rely on that for realtime connectivity check.

We are looking into the telemetry part that is not resuming right now. I will get back to you when it is fixed.

Can you test if the Takeoff/land buttons work after the drone is reconnected (even if FlytBase console shows disconnected)? [please test this with drone propellers removed.]



Thanks for your answer. Very good you are looking why the telemetry is not resuming, for us this is a very critical functionality for our tests in January and February.
I tested to initate takeoff/land after I have reconnected the 4g back into the flytpi. It does not work, and even when the flytbase "My devices shows “green” again , that connection is back, I stil can not get any takeoff command accepted. I do not see any thing happen in the console, not even when looking in debug console.

The flytconsole (the vie with the map) always indicates “disconnected” it never returns to connected.

I also test my on control software, and for the ajax call for …"/navigation/take_off" i get an error response with message “data is not defined”

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Thanks for your feedback. I will get back to you soon with a fix, most probably it will be part of a FlytOS update.

Can you open another thread for ajax call failure? It will be easy to keep track of the issue.


Thank you for letting me know!
Can you give me some notification when the bug fix is available, and I will do some retest of it and let you know the status. If you have some beta version you would like me to help you with testing, just let me know and I can assist.

I will fix a new thread with the ajax call.

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Sure. I will post here once we have fixed the bug. It will most probably require an auto update.


Sounds good! We do not have autoupdate enabled for our test drones now so prefect if you can post here also for us , and we test it.


This bug has been addressed and the bug fix should be available in next FlytOS release. Closing the thread since the fix has been confirmed in beta testing.