FlytOS with ardupilot


I’m planning on using flytOS with ardupilot. We have an ardupilot without pixhawk. Is it still possible to use flytOS with that?


Yes. Just connect Ardupilot’s serial (telemetry) port to your companion computer.


Is there any additional configuration required from the rpi side or the ardupilot side?


Please follow our documentation, for APM. It should suffice.


That’s from the pi’s side only right?


This guide should suffice.


the article mentions the need of pixhawk
We do not have one
Will that create any problems?


As I said. No you should not. I have not tested it personally, but some of our customers did it long back.

FlytOS would support your hardware, but that’s not my concern. Your hardware is quite old, and its not even supported by APM community. I would suggest you to use newer boards. You can find cheap but decent quality Pixhawk boards from online stores.


Thanks for the information:)

You can close the thread, since its topic has been clearly answered