FlytOS Update Issues


Hello! First time posting on here. Thought I’d check with support before trying a full re-install to try and resolve this issue.

I’m running FlytOS on a RPi3. All was well, until a reboot and I couldn’t reconnect. Connectivity is not an issue as we can Ping and SSH onto the Pi without a problem (on Pi’s Wifi and LAN)


  • Flytconsole Web Interface does not come up in browser on Wifi / LAN or Localhost (tested with a screen plugged)
  • After a few reboots via commandline, the web interface does appear but Flytconsole shows an old OS version (0.7) and the license check message stays on (see image)
  • The web interface becomes unresponsive and Update/Install progress remains stuck at 20%

I had a look at the Startup Logs: $ cat /flyt/logs/startup/flyt_startup.log but couldn’t find anything glaringly wrong

The only fix so far, is manually shutting down FlytOS via and relaunching it via - once this is done, the web interface shows up with the correct OS version (FlytOS version: 1.4-1b) and normal behavior resumes.

This however, only lasts till the next reboot. Can’t upload the startup-log as I’m a new user and it’s not allowing me to do that.


@pradeep Can you please help him on this?

@airspectiv: Now, make sure you don’t manually launch flytOS, just reboot your device. copy/paste the content of the startup log over here. Also, post the content of runlog.

Run this command in your terminal:

rosnode list

Also, you don’t need to flash the image again. Just go to, and manually download and install the latest image according to your board. But I would suggest you to help us in debugging this issue.

Also, post the output that throws on the screen when you run stop_flytOS.


@srv Appreciate the quick response. I have been able to reproduce the error after reflashing the SD card. 1.34 runs fine - disabling auto-updates. Once the update was enabled, and a message received to “reboot” to update to 1.41 on the web interface - the same thing happened again. Bear in mind that the Pi is not connected to a flight controller at this moment.

  • Startup Logs Attached - Airspec_Pi_Flytos_StartupLog.txt (16.7 KB)

  • Rosnode List output:

  • Output shown when running stop_flytOS as requested:
    flytos@flytos:~$ sudo $(rospack find core_api)/scripts/
    [sudo] password for flytos:
    flytstartup not running
    flytlaunch not running
    flytos@flytos:~$ ^C

and finally:
Runlogs - Airspec_Pi_LastRunLogs.txt (153.2 KB)



Sorry that you are facing this issue. We are looking into it.
Unfortunately, your output of stop_flytOS and rosnode list are inconsistent. I would suggest you to again run the following commands in their sequential order:

  1. Reboot your device.
  2. run this command: to make sure you are running 1.4-1.
  3. run this command: rosnode list
  4. If you see an error: ‘ERROR: Unable to communicate with master!’, then please wait for around 30 sec and run this command again.
  5. copy startup log and run log
  6. open up browser and got to: http://<ip of your device>. Make sure you don’t add flytconsole at the end. Take a screenshot of this page.
  7. Please connect Pixhawk, open flytconsole. Don’t look at the flytos config page, as it seems to have a bug. Just check if you are indeed getting a positive Connected status. Also try clearing browser cache, if it doesn’t work.
  8. Thank you for helping us out.

Hi @Sheban ,

Can you please also share the contents of the config file, it is available at -



@srv - no problem. Have redone those commands in sequence on a fresh reboot.

  • - 1.4-1b

  • Rosnode List - command works on 1.34, but on 1.4-1b returns ERROR: “Unable to communicate with master”. Waiting for 30s and longer periods does not change this.

*Startup Log - AirspecPi_StartupLog_7-25-2017.txt (21.9 KB)

*Run Log - AirspecPi_RunLog_7-25-2017.txt (55.4 KB)

*Screenshot of login over LAN IP Address without /flytconsole -

  • I haven’t yet connected an FC to the board as I’m waiting for a cable, but clearing browser cache has not helped.

  • @pradeep - this is the output of cat /flyt/logs/runlogs/flyt_runlogs.log - AirspecPi_FlytosConfig_7-25-2017.txt (55.8 KB)

Hope that helps.



It seems for some wierd reason flytos is not starting up on boot up. Can you please tell me if this file exists:


and it is executable. Also, please post the content of this file.

If the above file exists, try running the following command:

update-rc.d flytos defaults

If it does not throw any error please, reboot and follow the previous post and send all the logs again.


flytos@flytos:~$ ls /etc/init.d/flytos
ls: cannot access '/etc/init.d/flytos': No such file or directory

@srv - You’re on to something here, that file does not exist.

What would you recommend? and any ideas on what could cause such behavior during the auto-upgrade process?


I think for now you should just manually go to, download and install the latest flytos Debian for your board.

In the meantime, let me recreate the same on my device. And any required but fixes should be made available in next update.




Thanks to you the bug has been resolved and the new update would soon be released. In the meantime follow the following steps to get it rectified on your device:

  1. Download the latest flytos for your device from:
  2. Open a terminal in your device and run these commands:
    a. sudo dpkg --purge flytcore-pe
    b. cd <directory where you have downloaded the latest flytos>
    c. sudo dpkg -i --force-confmiss flytosv*.deb

From now, your flytos would autostart on reboot.

Pixhawk with Raspberrypi and Flytos

@srv - Would not have been possible without your prompt responses. Very happy to hear the bug’s been caught and glad to have been of help.

Nitin and you guys are building a great product.

Edit: The fix above worked perfectly. 1.41 installed and working smoothly.


Glad to be of help. Thanks. Closing this issue now.

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