Flytos too slow to boot up


the os image is too slow to boot up and after booting not very responsive, any solution for this???


Hi afaq can you please tell me which Companion computer you are using?


I tried respberry pi 3 and 3b+ same results too slow to boot


Hi afaq,

Please make sure you have following things in your setup:

  1. Check you have “Heat Sink” installed in Raspberry Pi
  2. Use “Class 10” SD card for better performance
  3. Use 5V, 2A Power supply for Raspberry Pi.

Yes, all of them are done including fan above heat-sink not working still


Hi afaq,

Did you used same SD card for both Raspberry Pi 3 and 3b+?
Can you try different SD card?
You have to flash flytOS Image on new SD card and then insert in Pi and then bootup.


Yes Yes! I used different cards!!!


Hi afaq,

Can you tell me which image are you using for RPi 3b and 3b+?
I suggest you follow the following steps mentioned here to flash the image for your RPi.