FlytOS support for NVIDIA- TK1



Greetings from Pakistan. First of all I’d like to extend my “hats off” to flytbase for launching this robust drone application framework. I am a student of aerospace working with deep nets using drones and vision.

I have a quick question and support will be highly appreciated. I have NVIDIA TK1 and would like to use flytOS on it. Over the official docs I couldn’t see any support for TK1. Do you guys support TK1?




Correct me if I am wrong but I think TK1 is armhf (32-bit arm architecture).
If that be the case, make sure you have Ubuntu16.04 installed on your device.

To download FlytOS and its dependencies, run the following script in TK1’s terminal:

sudo sh -c ‘curl -sSL | bash’

I cooked up this script for you, and I don’t have TK1 to test it on. If it fails, share flytos_installation_log.txt file created in your $HOME directory and I would debug it.


Appreciate your prompt reply.
I’ll run the script and will keep posted.


So did the script work?


Too many assignments. Paused my project for a while. I will start it from tomorrow and will def keep posted. :slight_smile:


@srv-admin, thanks for the link. In the bash script, checking is not done for TK1 board (armhf ??) and only TX1 is checked from Tegra family. Can you please recheck and verify this once. Is support to TK1 really available? We are using TK1 boards for the project and really need the support. Thanks in advance.

@anas, Please share your progress in this regard


@crisdeodates, the bash script will install the correct debian for TK1 board. It does check for ARM32 architecture, and installs relevant package.

You can also follow this link -> to install FlytOS onto TK1.

Note: The above guide is for Odroid, but it should work for TK1 as well.