FlytOS support for NVIDIA- TK1



Greetings from Pakistan. First of all I’d like to extend my “hats off” to flytbase for launching this robust drone application framework. I am a student of aerospace working with deep nets using drones and vision.

I have a quick question and support will be highly appreciated. I have NVIDIA TK1 and would like to use flytOS on it. Over the official docs I couldn’t see any support for TK1. Do you guys support TK1?




Correct me if I am wrong but I think TK1 is armhf (32-bit arm architecture).
If that be the case, make sure you have Ubuntu16.04 installed on your device.

To download FlytOS and its dependencies, run the following script in TK1’s terminal:

sudo sh -c ‘curl -sSL | bash’

I cooked up this script for you, and I don’t have TK1 to test it on. If it fails, share flytos_installation_log.txt file created in your $HOME directory and I would debug it.


Appreciate your prompt reply.
I’ll run the script and will keep posted.


So did the script work?


Too many assignments. Paused my project for a while. I will start it from tomorrow and will def keep posted. :slight_smile: