FlytOS & RPI3 & APM2.8


Im new in coptering and Im interesting can i connect APM2.8 fly controller to my RPI3 and work with FlytOS ?
I saw instructions for pixhawk but I dn`t know are it is the same thing, or it is something different.
will it work with APM2.8 ?
And if you have some instructions to connect and work with this please share links or tell me how :wink:



Its great to have you onboard. Currently FlytOS is only compatible with PX4 running on top of Pixhawk. We working hard to get APM support out soon. Our first priority is to support APM running on Pixhawk as APM2.8 hardware is deprecated by APM community, AFAIK. Once we are through with it, we would also take a look at APM2.8 hardware and try to support it to.