FlytOS, Raspberry Pi and CC3D


Good day everyone,

Has anyone ever set up FlytOS using a raspberry pi on a drone with a CC3D flight controller, seem to have been able to setup the FlytOS, however I get stuck with trying to connect my CC3D…

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Additional notes - steps followed:

Downloaded FlytOS img for raspberry pi and flashed it to the MircoSD as per the instructions on website.

I then placed in the MicroSd into the Raspberry Pi, using a wifi usb I connected to the internet and updated the pi and required updates/upgrades and configured the Pi through sudo raspi-config

Navigated to localhost/flytconsole (By this stage the Pi (pi 3 B+) was running really hot, heat indicator on continously)

Noticed that there was WIFI option, completed licensing set up and then the package updated, this is where I started getting problems.

I connected up OpenPilot CC3D as per the instructions on site for the pix4 and got stuck at this point

Upon re-navigating to the localhost/flytconsole WIFI had disappeared and started receiving connection errors.

I went through most of the videos, documentation and begin searching for a proper way to connect up the cc3d as I presume this is the problem, any ideas, or material I can go through to do this correctly will be of great help

Ideally, I do have a gsm/gprs/bluetooth hat which I would like to use for connecting to the drone through 3g.


Hi @Spencer_Kitson,

Can you please share the doc that you are using to connect OpenPilot CC3D with RPi.
Can you connect OpenPilot CC3D with QGC or MissionPlanner?


I currently don’t have any code to communicate with either, I have previously used OpenPilot GC to connect to the CC3D, this must be the problem, do you have any suggestions as to where I can start/look for examples to use that would assist in making this process easier?


Well, FlytOS can communicate with any autopilot which supports communication via MAVLink such as PX4/APM. I am not sure if OpenPilot supports MAVLink. To check whether it supports it or not, try to connect it to QGC. If you cannot, sadly FlytOS won’t work with it either.

I have never worked with OpenPilot before, and thus I am of no help here.

If you find any related doc, feel free to share it and I will help you in integration.


Thanks srv-admin,

I don’t think that the open pilot cc3d actually is able to communicate through MAVLINk, is there a good alternative of flight controller, you would suggest I use, bearing budget and size in mind, I do only have a 250.


Well, Pixhawk is good enough, to begin with. Once, you have more budget, you can get Pixhawk 2.