FlytOS on Raspberry Pi 3 B+


I’ve just received a couple of Pi 3 B+ cards and tried installing FlytOS on it using the latest image from your download page. When booting it hangs at the rainbow colored screen. When googling this seems to be a known issue for the Pi3 B+ when using older boot code. How do I go about replacing the boot code?


Interestingly we are not being able to replicate this on our end.
For now please install this Ubuntu Mate image for RPi3, and if it boots up correctly, follow our doc to setup FlytOS on your RPi.


I’m travelling today, so I won’t have access to a Pi for testing until tomorrow, but it seems like the bootloader needs to be updated for the RasPi 3B+ to work with Ubuntu according to some quite lengthy forum threads


I have got the RPi3 B+ to work now. It does not work with the official Ubuntu Mate image since it does not have the boot code necessary for the RPi3B+ as described here:

However, some kind soul on the internet made an Ubuntu 16.04 Ubuntu Mate image with the updated boot available here:


Thanks for the information. I will update our documentation to reflect this change.