FlytOS : missing kernel sources for building kernel modules



There is missing files for the kernel. Indeed, the folder /lib/modules/3.10.96/build is a symlink to /home/jenkins/odroid-xu3-workspace/build which does not exist in the given image.

Plus, there should be the APT source to XU3 repo (same as XU4 for the software).

As root (not sudo)

# cd /etc/apt/sources.d/
# wget

To have build folder to build my modules, I just upgraded the kernel to 3.10.103+ via ODroid Utility and downloaded the packages linux-headers-armhf-odroid-xu3 and linux-image-armhf-odroid-xu3


Yeah, the official odroid image that they provide does not have kernel source files. In general, no one needs to recompile a kernel. May I know why you had to do that?


I do not use it to rebuild the kernel, but to build a kernel module. Example : Wifi (MT7612) which was not prebuilt