FlytOS installation on Pixhawk 2 with Edison



Is there a tutorial for installing the FlytOS image on an embedded Edison module in a Pixhawk 2 please?

I’m going to follow this tutorial but use the flyt_31jan.img instead of the APSync image. Please someone shout if there is an easier way or this will brick my Edison.

Thanks, Tim


Hey CrystalMark,
Thanks for showing interest in FytOS. Unfortunately, as written in the documentation, we have released FlytOS only for FLytPOD, Raspberry Pi and Nvidia TX1 right now. We are currently working on Edison and its image will be up in a couple of days. We will also provide detailed documentation for it so you can be sure that your device will not be bricked.



OK, thanks. Please keep me up-to-date.


Hey Tim,
I’m very excited to announce that the support for Intel Edison is now live. Visit and follow the installation guide here .


Excellent! I’ll install over the weekend and let you know how it goes. Thanks.