FlytOS for Nvidia TX2


I wanted to know that when are you releasing the FlytOS for Nvidia TX2, and also will OS for ARM64 be compatible for TX2?



Support for TX2 has already been released since last couple of months.
Please follow this guide to setup FlytOS in TX2.


Can TX2 can be used as onboard flytOS connected to DJI Matrice 100 ?



Hey shuki,
Yes, you can use Nvidia TX2 as an onboard FlytOS Connected to your DJI M100.
Follow, the documentation mentioned below to setup Nvidia TX2 and DJI M100:

  1. Nvidia TX2 Setup
  2. DJI M100 Setup



Did all but I get -

STATUS/1 @ init, L55: Attempting to open device /dev/ttyTHS2 with baudrate 230400…
process[flytos/rostful-9]: started with pid [16341]

  • python -tt -m rostful run -h -p 80 -s tornado ‘–ros-arg=~connections_list:=/rocon/connection_cache/list’ ‘–ros-arg=~connections_diff:=/rocon/connection_cache/diff’ --ros-arg=_name:=rostful --ros-arg=_log:=/root/.ros/log/793a0c56-e10a-11e8-b059-00044bc57dd3/flytos-rostful-9.log
    process[flytos/rosapi-10]: started with pid [16356]

STATUS/1 @ init, L65: …Serial started successfully.
process[flytos/flyt_cl-11]: started with pid [16359]
process[flytos/flyt_ms_node-12]: started with pid [16368]
process[flytos/flytcam-13]: started with pid [16374]
process[flytos/image_capture-14]: started with pid [16380]
[ERROR] [1541429575.380330956]: [DJI SDK] Failed to read from serial device. The Onboard SDK is not communicating with your drone.
[ERROR] [1541429575.381075430]: [DJI SDK] Vehicle initialization failed

Please advise



Have you enabled DJI SDK communication from DJI Assistant 2 ?


Of course
We did all according to manual
No output from J17 on tx2



Hi @shuki,

were you able to solve your problem?