FlytOS for a rover


is the FlytOS suitable for a Rover (APMRover branch from Ardupilot)?
Or should I use the bare API over a classical ubuntu OS?
Thank you


Can you please what you mean by ‘bare API’?

FlytOS internally communicates with ArduRover via MAVLink communication. In principle, it should work just fine, but we have not done any testing on a rover.


I don’t understand what is the added value of using FlytOS over just using ROS. What are the extra features?
Are you going to implement rover support soon?
Thank you


FlytOS adds drone related stuff to ROS. If you are into drones and want to use ROS, FlytOS is a good starting point as it provides many packages that you would want to use in your applications. That includes API access to many drone hardware platforms, intelligence and connectivity modules.

In case, you are not into drones and just into APM, I would suggest going with mavros, as a communication driver.