FlytOS: First stable release is out!


Hello @all,

After months of extensive testing, we are happy to announce the first stable release of FlytOS. A big Thank You to all of you, who have been with us in this journey.

This flagship release comes with a lot of bug fixes and feature additions, and also allows you to deploy FlytOS on a wide range of companion computers (Intel Edison, Nvidia TX1, RasPi 3, Odroid-XU4, etc.) and quickly start building your drone applications, such as, video streaming, cloud connectivity, machine learning, computer-vision, mobile-apps to control drones, etc. Check it out:
Extensive documentation and sample codes are available here: ,
Machine learning (object detection and classification) on TX1:
Several other demos are available on github repo and youtube channel:

Looking forward to keep working with all of you on building interesting drone applications!