FlytOS Boot Problem



When I boot up the odroid, FlytOS connects to the internet, but does not display the main menu.

I’m unable to open a terminal or run any of my apps.

Could you shed some light on this for me, please?

Thank you for the insight,

FltyOS on Odroid XU4 - Boot Up Problem


have you enable auto login for your user?



Just discovered your email. It was redirected to a junk mail folder.

I haven’t changed any settings at all. I told Nitin that I finally went back to our earlier notes and entered into developer mode and deleted the .config file again.

This allowed me to boot to the main menu once more. He said this is a known error and you guys are working on a solution.



Yes indeed. We are working on it. The bug fix will be released in some time.
I would request you to not remove the power cable of Odroid and instead let it shutdown systematically. Usually we have faced similar problem, if we abruptly removed power cable.


Sounds good. Let me know when the fix is complete.