FlytOS 1.57 Simulator - Fixed Wing, 3D calibration needed, moving while disarmed


Hi all,

I think my sim auto updated to 1.57 and it switched itself from Quad frame to Fixed Wing.

Also after starting up, it keeps moving up, without any command on my part. Rejecting Pause commands, Hover. Also says it cannot arm because it needs 3D calibration…

How could I get the previous sim back? Thanks.

Below screenshot shows it’s moving while disarmed (At 0 altitude)

Below screenshot shows the version:


Hi @aluca,

We updated the FlytSim instance around 15min ago. It seems it got switched to by-default Fixed-Wing mode.
Thanks, for notifying the issue. We will fix it ASAP.


Thank you for the quick response.

I was in the middle of developing / testing, when all of a sudden few things were working :slight_smile: Let me know when I can try another version.



Let me suggest you a quick hack.

Follow this guide to open the integrated web-based IDE installed within FlytOS.

Once done, Open this file: /flyt/flytos/flytcore/share/apm_sitl/launch/posix_sitl.launch
and edit this line:

<arg name=“is_frame_type_copter” default=“false”/>


<arg name=“is_frame_type_copter” default=“true”/>


I have anyway sorted this issue, you might be able to download the latest version in a few minutes from now.


ok, thank you. I will try it again in 10 minutes or so. :slight_smile:


It’s working now :slight_smile: you can close this thread.

Thanks :slight_smile: