Flytos 1.56 not work on Intel Edison


I have install Flytos 1.56PE on Pixhawk 2.1 with Intel Edison but in flytconsole see only get parameters and can not set/change any parameters for Frame set or Calibaration .
I get message error when traing set parameters for RC_MAP_MODE_POSTCTL for Flight mod and frame set
When a trie calibrating motors speen not corresponding with diagram
In Mission Planer everything work well but not in Flytos 1.56 PE
What can I do ???


Hi @gyurica,

Thanks for reporting the probable bugs. I would suggest to not use Frame Setup and Motor Testing widgets as they have not been maintained for quite some time, and ever changing parameter names for APM/PX4 does not help either.

I will pass on the bug report to our development team, and hopefully next release will fix these issues.