Flytconsole disconnected


When I connect raspberry with PX4 telem2 ,and run web flytconsole applicatio can’t connected or connect QGC hint remote socket close .I have been read about this problem on forum and reference docs ,but I can’t solve this problem.


Please share your run log and startup log.


flyt_startup57600.log (2.2 KB)


flyt_startup.log.2018-01-25 (27.3 KB)
flyt_startup.log.2018-01-24 (7.8 KB)
flyt_startup.log (5.7 KB)


Hi @monsummer,

flyt_startup57600.log -> I think this is of Edison and not of RPi.
Moreover, it seems your connection from RPi to Pixhawk is spotty. Can you send any photos of your connector?

Are you able to connect Pixhawk to your laptop via FTDI/USB?